Very early Alpha of Africville

If you have a sec, check out the SUPER early alpha version of an educational game I’m working on about Africville. The premise: in the future, all historical work is done by sending historians back in time; they can collect primary sources, etc., but they cannot be detected by anyone/anything in the time they visit. They player has been sent back to Africville, a town that has been wiped from the historical record. The player’s goal is to discover what happened to Africville.   A few things: -move by clicking on the quarter circles in the bottom right corner you’ll … Continue reading Very early Alpha of Africville

CHW 3M: An Infographic of Our Own

A few days ago, we considered seven infographics about important cities around 1450. Today, we will attempt to make one of our own.  Our infographic will show the following: which societies interacted the nature of the interactions (war? trade? thought?) the intensity of the interactions the direction of the interactions It will also show big ideas. We will need to decide which “big ideas” from the 15th century  should be included. In order to begin, we need to ask questions. Consider adding “How can we show…” to the beginning of each point above; these questions will help you get started! … Continue reading CHW 3M: An Infographic of Our Own

CHW 3M: Podcasts for Independent Study

Timbuktu: Agincourt: Maya: Genghis Khan: Vikings: Vikings:       Continue reading CHW 3M: Podcasts for Independent Study

Asking the Right Questions

A few weeks ago, I proposed a new assignment to my CHW 3M (History before the 16th century) students. Though the assignment went through several incarnations, we settled on the following guidelines: students would choose three events from the rise, golden age, and fall of Rome (so, 9 events in total)  and briefly summarize them students would generate questions based on each event that they could use in the next unit to study the culture of their choice. Student choices included China, Japan, Mongolia, and India.  Some students collaborated during this choice-driven unit, while a few worked independently. The summary/questions … Continue reading Asking the Right Questions

CHW 3M: Amazing Chain/Feats of Engineering

Next week, we launch our bit in the Amazing Chain of Contraptions. We have several tools at our disposal: the physical universe and its applicable laws MinecraftEdu (not quite as powerful as the universe, but progammable/customizable, so…) Microbits Your brains, Fezzik’s strength, my steel. (sorry…Princess Bride reference) Today, everyone needs to find a major feat of engineering/technological innovation from the past that interests them. You will eventually build/create something that demonstrates your learning. Remember that you are not obligated to build a replica of  a building from the past; besides being time-consuming, this kind of work does not require as … Continue reading CHW 3M: Amazing Chain/Feats of Engineering