ENG 3U: Taking it Further

Yesterday, you chose one of the following tasks: a pitch to a company response for a problematic value message in an ad a short story an essay examining the value messages in problematic ads a short piece in which you examine the artistic voice of your favourite musical act You will continue working on your chosen task today. Below are some sources that might help you develop your thinking/work: Need to know more about making a pitch? Take a look at this blog entry from a few years ago; the task is slightly different, but the advice holds true Writing … Continue reading ENG 3U: Taking it Further

ENG 3U: Badges are Awesome

Today, I will show you the fancy badge system we will use to track your progress through the self-directed sections of this course. When I showed the system to Ms. Metler, she proclaimed, “Cool! This is just like the Girl Scouts!” I, of course, was thinking that the badges were much closer to video game achievements. I guess both statements reveal something about the respective speakers. I should also point out that we have added a new question about voice. Thus, our essential questions are now: How does this text work? Who is it for? Why was it created? How … Continue reading ENG 3U: Badges are Awesome