ENG 4U: Virtual Worlds

Yesterday, we had a spirited discussion about a very controversial video game. Today, we will expand this conversation to include virtual worlds like Second Life. While I will show you roughly 1/2 hour of footage, I hope the majority of time will be dedicated to the same kind of discussion we had yesterday. Here are some points to consider: Second Life is a virtual community that serves a wide range of clients. For example, you can create an avatar and participate in lectures delivered in virtual classrooms by top lecturers from universities around the world. In fact, you can buy a … Continue reading ENG 4U: Virtual Worlds

ENG 4U: The Luck of the Draw

We need to decide the order of presentations for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We will do this by pulling pieces of paper out of a Centurion helmet. Fitting, yes? I cannot change the date of presentations. If you wish to change your date, you must find someone in the class who is willing to switch with you. Wednesday Thursday Friday   About the Presentation the 4-5 minute presentation CANNOT run too long.  Because of the format, your monitoring of time will be essential. The stopwatch website will be set at 5 minutes; when the buzzer goes, your presentation ends. Due to the … Continue reading ENG 4U: The Luck of the Draw

ENG 4U: Where Do Get Our Ideas/Values?

We are going to continue our discussion of hegemony today. While hegemony has several meanings, one common definition is the dominance of one group by another with consent. I like to think about this as an exchange:  a group surrenders some of its autonomy to get something–usually value messages–from someone in power. Ultimately, I’d like us to consider the following question: How much power does the average person have in determining what he/she actually values? First, let’s talk hockey. I was busy on a project for the school assembly last night, and didn’t watch the game. Luckily, however, I’ve found two news … Continue reading ENG 4U: Where Do Get Our Ideas/Values?

ENG 4U: Preparing for the End

We have eight days of classes left, not including review days. Three of those days are dedicated to the final component of your Culminating Activity, a 5 minute presentation done in a walkabout format; this means that you will present only to a small group of  your peers at a time, and that you will complete your presentation several times within a single period. Your presentation must make a real world connection to your theme for your comparative essay. Taking a quick look at Google News might help you find something current and relevant. Here are some ideas that may get … Continue reading ENG 4U: Preparing for the End

ENG 4U: Preparing Your Essay

We need to move from general comparisons/contrasts to specific subtopics that will help us construct an outline.  Think back to our experiment with figures from other works we have studied. We tried to create topic sentences for our comparisons that would connect directly to our thesis. We want to replicate this approach today. First, if you wish to review some basics about thesis statements, take a look at the list below. I encourage you to discuss your thesis with me today! The importance of word choice in a thesis Bad thesis statements vs. good thesis statements Avoiding vague language in thesis … Continue reading ENG 4U: Preparing Your Essay

Comparing/Contrasting Human Beings That Have Little or No Connection

You have already picked a category out of a hat. Congratulations! You are already well on your way to finishing this exercise. Now, you need to choose a specific person who matches your category. You have five minutes to brainstorm everything you can about this person.  Be nice. While you may include superficial observations (hair colour, etc), you need to concentrate on the most important aspects of this person, such as character or accomplishments. What is his/her essence? Obviously, this will be easier if you choose someone you know fairly well.   Have five minutes passed? Did I actually remember to … Continue reading Comparing/Contrasting Human Beings That Have Little or No Connection

ENG 4: Preparing for a Comparative Essay

Your essays are due next week. Today, we will prepare for the assignment by talking abut the early stages of planning/organizing your argument. To ensure that this approach is relevant, we will examine characters that you will need to know for your exam. First, we need to organize into small groups. Each group will spend 5 minutes brainstorming about one of the following characters:     Hamlet       Pi      Laura Wingfield      Ophelia    Hagar Shipley        Amanda Wingfield        Gertrude         Tom Wingfield   Following the brainstorming session, you will be paired up with another group. Your goal … Continue reading ENG 4: Preparing for a Comparative Essay