ENG 3U: Unrequited Love, Mistaken Identity and Disguises, and Misunderstandings

Today, we will begin with a little game I put together. Basically, you need to sort the lines from the play chronologically. I’d like you to play at least three times; what will your best score be? As you play, look for clues in the lines that will help you identify the speaker and the context: In Order: Twelfth Night Next, I want you to create a chart in your notebook (Well, I recommend you create a chart; if you can think of another method that makes more sense than the chart, go right ahead). You will need four columns: … Continue reading ENG 3U: Unrequited Love, Mistaken Identity and Disguises, and Misunderstandings

ENG 3U: Zaniness 101

At one point or another, most comedies get a little zany. The action picks up. Coincidences nearly converge, bringing the Big Secret (whatever it may be) ever so close to being revealed. All of the complicated subplots need to converge sooner or later, right? …but not quite yet. The zaniness isn’t the meal; it is the setting of the table. I promise you that, in the true tradition of comedies, we will have a moment where everyone finally stands still. Secrets WILL be revealed. Protagonists will finally understand their true nature (and the true nature of others). That moment, however, is … Continue reading ENG 3U: Zaniness 101

ENG 3U: Tweeting About Twelfth Night?!?!?

Ladies and gents, The strangest thing happened last night. I was searching Twitter (I think the proper term is lurking) when I stumbled upon this conversation between a bunch of enthusiastic English students. Did you know that some students spend all of their time on social media talking Shakespeare? Who knew… We will answer the tweets I found in online (you could try searching on Twitter, but the accounts have been removed; in fact, it is almost like they never existed in the first place). Let’s see if we can conform to the rules of Twitter by restricting all responses to … Continue reading ENG 3U: Tweeting About Twelfth Night?!?!?

ENG 3U: Words Matter

I once had a friend who regularly told me he was impressed by neither writers nor filmmakers. Whenever we talked about a great flick, or I mentioned a book I was reading, he would dismiss the creativity of the work as irrelevant. He would say something like “Big deal. A story about some half-sized human travelling across a continent to drop a ring in a fire? I could have written that.” “A boy who goes to a school for wizards? Nothing special about that. Oh, and that whole Horcrux thing? Stupid. Doesn’t make any sense.” “A girl with cancer falls for a guy … Continue reading ENG 3U: Words Matter