CHW 3M: An Infographic of Our Own

A few days ago, we considered seven infographics about important cities around 1450. Today, we will attempt to make one of our own.  Our infographic will show the following: which societies interacted the nature of the interactions (war? trade? thought?) the intensity of the interactions the direction of the interactions It will also show big ideas. We will need to decide which “big ideas” from the 15th century  should be included. In order to begin, we need to ask questions. Consider adding “How can we show…” to the beginning of each point above; these questions will help you get started! … Continue reading CHW 3M: An Infographic of Our Own

CHW 3M: Amazing Chain/Feats of Engineering

Next week, we launch our bit in the Amazing Chain of Contraptions. We have several tools at our disposal: the physical universe and its applicable laws MinecraftEdu (not quite as powerful as the universe, but progammable/customizable, so…) Microbits Your brains, Fezzik’s strength, my steel. (sorry…Princess Bride reference) Today, everyone needs to find a major feat of engineering/technological innovation from the past that interests them. You will eventually build/create something that demonstrates your learning. Remember that you are not obligated to build a replica of  a building from the past; besides being time-consuming, this kind of work does not require as … Continue reading CHW 3M: Amazing Chain/Feats of Engineering

CHW 3M: The Legacy of Greece

Today, I am going to use our projector in a very unusual way.  When you see it, try not to think “projector”; instead, think “source of light in an allegorical cave that perfectly illustrates Plato’s understanding of reality.” Who is Plato, you ask? How about Socrates? Aristotle? According to this guy, they weren’t very bright. In truth, however, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle provided the foundation of the Western thinking. The very way we think has been shaped by these three Greeks. The truth is, however, that they were not the only influential Greeks. Here is what we will do today: Reenact the … Continue reading CHW 3M: The Legacy of Greece