Day 3 in Redmond: Authenticity

With so much going at E2, I found it nearly impossible to share full stories in real time. Sure, I posted updates, but these updates felt somewhat, well, fractured; they lacked a cohesive narrative, a story with a real theme. Looking back, however, themes were everywhere. Of course, the theme of the entire conference was courage, bravery, and leadership; it was the essence of so many key moments, from Ziauddin Yousafzai’s inspiring talk to the willingness of students from Kent and teachers around the world to share their work with complete strangers. Still, it was another theme-authenticity-that defines my feelings … Continue reading Day 3 in Redmond: Authenticity

E2: Day 2 in Redmond

So, I am already 2 days behind in posts. Our schedules have been very full (and there has been so much to process) that it has been almost impossible to keep up. I will try to catch up today! One of the best parts of the entire conference was the Teach Meet. For two hours, 250 educators circulated around the rooms and viewed each others’ projects. The range and quality of these projects? Amazing. Here are some highlights from the handful of projects I had a chance to see: Jeckson from the Philippines modernized his entire school by convincing his … Continue reading E2: Day 2 in Redmond

E2: Day 1 in Redmond

Lots of interesting things happened on the first day of E2. Numerous teachers completed Microsoft certification programs, some of us (like me) filmed Quick Tip videos, and all of us attended a large reception in the evening. While the filming was an interesting experience and the food at the reception was excellent (sushi and prime rib/mash potatoes as appetizers!), the best part of the day was interacting with teachers from around the world. Like a buddy of mine likes to say, it is the people you meet.. In honour of the NHL Playoffs and TSN’s By the Numbers, I’ve decided … Continue reading E2: Day 1 in Redmond

A Reporter, a Femme Fatale, and a McGuffin

We have some visitors today, ladies and gents. Let’s show’em what you can do… There are some people out there who think that designing a video game takes a great deal of time. These people are right. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great deal of time; in fact, we have approximately one hour. Here is what we are going to do: Take a quick look at the game (kind of self-evident, really) Break into groups and tackle one of the problems below  Femme Fatale?  The game play  Writing/ Voice Acting  What we have so far  The character behind the crime in this city is … Continue reading A Reporter, a Femme Fatale, and a McGuffin