ENG 4U: What Kind of Man is Polonius?

Is Polonius a caring, doting father or a manipulative sycophant? 

(note: a sycophant, pronounced sick-o-fant, is a suck-up. The term suck-up, however, is wholly unremarkable. Next time you see someone being a suck-up to someone in authority, use the word sycophant instead. You are bound to impress somebody….which, of course, would be rather sycophantic of you. Think about it. You’ll get it.)

Create a T chart in your notebook; your headings are caring father and manipulative sycophant

  1. Working with your partner for the Hamlet assignment, closely examine Polonius’ interactions with other characters in Acts I and II
  2. If his actions are caring and fatherly, write the lines under caring father. If his actions are manipulative or sycophantic, write the lines under manipulative sycophant
  3. Your chart must include at least one interaction with Ophelia, Laertes, and Hamlet, and two interactions with Claudius and  Gertrude.

Any remaining time can be dedicated to your projects.

(Today’s work is  roughly based on the work of another teacher who published his work online, but I can’t remember where. See? Sourcing matters.)

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