CHY 4U: Being Great Isn’t Easy

Congratulations! You are now officially a world leader. In fact, your fame has reached such a height that your land has been named after you. Clearly,  Roleandia and Daltony will go down in history.

Before you ask your artisans to build statues of yourself, however, you have to deal with a problem. Or, more accurately, several problems. Unfortunately, the previous rulers of your state left the place in chaos. It looks like you will have to address these issues before you can stabilize your government.

Here is how you will proceed:

  1. First name your state. Make it good, ladies and gents.
  2. Next, we will list off all of the problems your government will need to address. By crazy coincidence, these problems happen to mirror those experienced by France during the French Revolution. Crazy, huh?
  3. Finally, you and your team will devise solutions to these problems.


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