ENG 2D: Reviewing for Macbeth

Later this week, you will complete an in-class writing task to demonstrate what you understand about Macbeth. The basic structure of the assignment is the following:

  • There will be five questions on the assignment. You will answer four.
  • Each answer will be a well-structured paragraph (think TPEE)
  • Your responses will feature clear and specific references to relevant elements (lines, events, imagery, meaning) from the play.
  • The topic of each question will be taken directly from our Nature of Tragedy sheet. The topics are:
    • Vengeance
    • Less Sexual Equality
    • Social Isolation
    • Militarism
    • Preference for the Familiar

Today, your goal is to find those elements from the play  that you think best suit the topics. Since you will be allowed to use the text during the assignment, there is no need to rewrite the lines. Instead, track the elements in your notes by writing down the Act/Scene/Line format (V, ii, 23) and a phrase or two.

Note that you haven’t been given the questions yet. Thus, you would be wise to collect as many relevant lines as you can to ensure that you are prepared for whatever crazy questions I throw your way.

Sample question

  1. Stubbornness: Tragic heroes tend to stick with a course of action and follow it to their doom. How does Macbeth’s commitment to his choices lead to his downfall?



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