ENG 2D: Film(ing Conventions)


Understanding media conventions is one of the expectations of the curriculum; it is also essential if you want to understand how media works. However, to really understand the impact of film conventions, you really to make your own film scenes. Thus, today, you will attempt to make a short scene in the genre of your choice. In order for this to work, everyone needs to bring their best to today’s activity.

Here is how we will proceed:

  1. Meet with your group
  2. Choose a genre. Your choices are horror, comedy, romantic-comedy, thriller, action, and fantasy.
  3.  Research the conventions of the genre you have chosen. Once you have discovered five conventions, call me over. If the conventions are relevant, I will let you move on to the next step.
  4. Use a whiteboard to quickly storyboard a 30 second scene. Your scene will need to have several camera shots/angles, and reflect the conventions you discovered.
  5. Once the storyboard is complete, call me over. If I approve, you may begin filming. You will have no more than 20 minutes to film your content.

Our goal is complete everything (including the editing) in this period. Bring your best game, ladies and gents…

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