CHW 3M: A Skype Call and Preparing a Big Map of Rome

We will begin today’s class with a short Skype call with Thomas Flynn, the Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab. What questions do you have for him? My questions include the following (feel free to steal them):

  • What is your process for scanning an artifact?
  • Do you see any gaps in Sketchfab’s historical repository? If so, which gap do you most want to address?
  • What do you think museum curation will look like in the years to come? What role do you hope sites like Sketchfab will play?

Following the call, we need to turn our attention to the big map of Rome. You will need to work in one of the following groups:

  • building 3D models of famous Roman buildings (7-10 students, led by Calum)
  • cleaning up the existing models using tweezers (2-3 students)
  • working on the large map (10ish students). This group needs to:
    •  decide on a style for the map
    • ensure that the style is consistent
    • ensure that the scale (1cm=13m) is used everywhere
    • cut the paper into 1m x 1m sections
    • decide who is tackling each section of the city
    • use pencil at first to ensure consistency/accuracy









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