CHW 3M 2018-2019: The Founding of Rome

Here are some key terms/ideas you will need for today’s short lecture:

  • The story of Romulus and Remus
  • Sabine Women
  • The Story of the Sybil
  • Etruscans
  • Palatine/Aventine
  • Patricians/Plebeians
  • Carthage

Next, we will take a look at pag 165 in the text. Our goal is to answer the following question: How might the geography and weather of the Italian peninsula impact Rome?

Finally, if we have time, we will look at the Twelve Tables, the foundation of Roman law. While we will rely on this version, let’s take a quick look at the table below; what can we infer about Roman life from the headings? (source)

TABLE I Procedure: for courts and trials
TABLE II Trials, continued.
TABLE IV Rights of fathers (paterfamilias) over the family
TABLE V Legal guardianship and inheritance laws
TABLE VI Acquisition and possession
TABLE VII Land rights
TABLE VIII Torts and delicts (Laws of injury)
TABLE IX Public law
TABLE X Sacred law
TABLE XI Supplement I
TABLE XII Supplement II

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