Your Civilization and SPEAR

Today, you will apply one element of SPEAR to your chosen civilization. Don’t remember SPEAR? That’s okay. We talked about it at the very beginning of the course. SPEAR is an acronym we’ve invented to study the past:

  • Society
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Arms
  • Religion

So, which one will you apply? It is up to you. Whatever, your choice, do the following:

  • turn it into a question (What was Viking society like? How did Japanese warriors fight/train?)
  • conduct research using the library’s texts, databases, or reputable online sources
  • don’t forget to look at BBC Magazine. You can find the digital version from the school’s library page. I’m sure Ms. Wishart can help you locate it. There is lots of content, especially regarding Vikings. In fact, there is even a cover story about Viking warriors (see the images below).
  • track the sources and information in your notes



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