CHW 3M: Founding Your Empire

Yesterday, you learned about the creation myths and/or founding myths of the civilization you have chosen.  Today, you need to learn about how this society was actually founded.

What you will do:

Using traditional texts, databases, or reputable internet sources, find out what you can about the founding of your chosen civilization, Consider searching for terms like:

  • founding  (insert name) Civilization
  • origins (insert name) Civilization

Don’t forget about adding to the end of your searches.

Use what you learn to answer the following questions in point-form notes:

  1. What did the people of this early civilization do? Were they hunters? Gatherers? Warriors?
  2. What role did geography and/or climate play in the founding of this civilization?
  3. If there was a specific figure associated with the rise of this civilization, who was it and what did this figure do?





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