CHW 3M: Founding Your Own State

Today, we will form our own city/state. Or, more accurately, we will form two city/states: You will be divided in half and give you exactly 10 minutes to create yours. In these 10 minutes, your group must decide the following:

  • the name of your city/state
  • three key virtues that you want every inhabitant of your city to possess.
  • how your society will exhibit these three values. Through sport? Through daily activities?
  • the treasury’s major expense. Will you build an unmatched military force? Educate every citizen? Finance science and innovation?
  • the workload. How, exactly, will things get done? Will everyone do the same work, regardless of position? Will some supervise while others toil? Remember: someone in the group will HAVE to do some work.

Next, your teacher will assign one of two pivotal Greek city/states to your group. Your goal is to use the remaining time to learn what you can about this city.




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