CHW 3M: What’s in a Story? The Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh. Posted by Urban on Wikipedia.

Today, I want you to learn more about the ancient land of Mesopotamia. Located in the same region as modern-day Iraq, Mesopotamia was crucial to Western development. Nothing indicates this more than its nickname: the cradle of civilization. Its key city, Babylon, was the epicenter of western civilization for over a thousand years.

In particular, we will examine the story…or myth…or historical account of Gilgamesh. In truth, we don’t know if he really existed. Still, the epic about him tells us so much about our own history. Our goal is decide whether Gilgamesh is primarily a political story (about politics and power), a religious story (about one culture’s beliefs about gods), or a human relationship story (about how humans relate to each other).

Here are the sources you may consult today. 

Finally, we will conclude with a brief discussion about my favourite acronym: SPEAR.


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  1. thecleversheep says:

    Ah man… You’ve gathered such an engaging bunch of connected resources here. I still wish we had exemplars like this… in a Wikipedia format.

    1. jimpedrech says:

      Thanks! Lots of different approaches, right? Give them some choices…

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