ENG 4C: Introduction to Mystery

Tomorrow, we will start our examination of Her Story, a video game written by Sam Barlow. Remember that Mr. Barlow has agreed to Skype with us once we have completed the story.

In order to prepare, I’d like you to do the following:

  1. watch the video What Makes a Good Detective Game? below. Note that the video mentions Her Story.
  2.  Next, create a document (Word or Mindomo would work).
  3. Add the categories mentioned in the video (Expose Lies, Follow Leads, Find Connections,  and Make Deductions)
  4. For each of the categories, write a brief paragraph in which you explain how a text you know meets the description of the category. If you can’t think of text, search online in order to find one. (remember that text includes video games, films, and television shows).

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