ENG 4U 2018: Know Your Theory

Ladies and gents,

Your goals today are:

  • to become more familiar with the literary schools you have chosen for the Hamlet assignment.
  • to find at least one secondary source that is relevant to both your literary school and Hamlet

Thus, I suggest the following:

  • Arrange yourselves into groups according to your literary school. For example, students writing a dialogue featuring the Feminist and Marxist schools should separate for today; the student taking the Marxist perspective would join a group of students doing the same. The groups will be fairly large, so be prepared to subdivide as necessary.
  • Next, each group should look for an introductory source that explains the school in more detail. For example, the Marxist group might want to start here. In fact, most groups might want to start with this page from OWL at Purdue; look along the left-hand margin to see relevant literary schools.
  • Next, you group needs to apply the thinking/ideas from your source to Hamlet. For example, what can you learn from applying the questions from the Purdue pages to Hamlet?
  • Next, start looking for sources about the literary schools and/or Hamlet. Make sure your source is reliable and appropriate; sources from university websites are good place to start (try searching for something like literary criticism feminism site:.edu). Don’t forget about the databases and Google books!




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