ENG 4U: Presentations, PowerPoint, and Pechakucha

In preparation for your assignments for our novel study, we need to discuss the art of the presentation. Our goal is to develop our presentation skills in the same way we develop other modes of communication. Thus, we need to talk about:

  • purpose
  • content/analysis
  • style
  • language
  • structure

Let’s begin by discussing a few approaches to presenting that you have seen from students and teachers. What works, and what doesn’t?

Next, let’s watch a  presentation about apathy. As you watch, think carefully about the strengths/weaknesses of the presentation.

The Dreaded PowerPoint Presentation

I have watched some truly bad Powerpoint in my time in classrooms. Ironically, the worst ones were often made by the teachers. Woe unto the poor soul who replicates the following transgressions:


Pechakucha is a Japanese term meaning chitchat. It is also the name given to stunning visual narratives delivered in 20 images, each viewed for 20 seconds. While you will not be creating a Pechakucha presentation, it may be helpful to think about what makes them successful. Let’s take a look at one. As you watch, think about how  different the presentation would feel if the images were replaced with text-heavy slides.


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