CHY 4U: Dragon’s Den (Pre-Enlightenment Version)

Welcome to the Pre-Enlightenment version of Dragon’s Den, the television show featuring eager inventors and entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to big-time investors. Could your idea be the next big thing? There is only one way to find out: make your pitch!

You may be asking yourself, “Hey. I wonder what is so special about the Pre-Enlightenment version of Dragon’s Den…” The Enlightenment, the amazing time when rational thought and science propel humanity into the modern era, is just starting. The upshot? Most of the best stuff hasn’t been invented yet. In fact, we aren’t even sure why we don’t float off into space (note: if one of you scientist types could explain this to us in a way that might make us some money, we will probably back you with ridiculous amounts of gold)

.Oh look. A question from the audience…

Hello, sir. I’m a long-time viewer, first time participant. How do I get on your show?

Funny you should ask. All you need to do is find yourself (literally, not spiritually) in the appropriate section of the textbook  (pages 71-75). Make sure you find yourself quickly, just in case some of the ruffians in the room try to steal your identity. Oh, and you should probably find a partner or two to help you with the pitch.

What? Another question from the audience? Who would’ve thought…

Okay, I found myself. But what is my goal here? Is it this pitch-thing you mentioned?

You’ve got it. You need to present your contributions to the world of science to the Dragon (that’s me). Wowing me with some technical mumbo jumbo is fine, as long as you can explain it. More importantly, however, you need to sell your ideas. Convince me that your crazy theories and/or silly contraptions are worth my investment; if you can do this, you might just become the mind that makes the Enlightenment a reality.


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