CHY 4U: All Good Things Flow From the City

CHY4U Day 1 Sheet

Then the greatness of our city brings it about that all the good things from all over the world flow in to us-Pericles of Athens

The above quotation, sometimes translated as “All good things flow to the city“, reveals a crucial element of human civilization. No matter how diverse a democracy becomes or how much an empire expands, cities are at its cultural, political, and social centre.

This semester, you will study major events, key eras, social change, and radical innovation in the world over a 500 year period. Yes, the entire world. While we will examine major trends that transcend empires and nations (disease? trade? pirates? values?) we will also focus on the lives of people in particular places at particular times. Cities provide the perfect opportunity for us to do so.

Today, we will examine 7-8 cities that existed in 1450. Our goal is to predict which city was on the rise; first, however, we need to create some criteria for assessing a city’s greatness.




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