ENG 3U: Conversation and Your Tasks

Mr. Pedrech: Good morning everyone!

The One Student Who is Awake: Good morning, Mr. Pedrech!

Mr. Pedrech: This week, we will continue on our media tasks. You will also prepare for a short conversation with me.

Student Who Likes to Remind Me of Stuff: Mr. Pedrech, you know how we feel about talking to you. Everyone agreed that we would keep our conversations with you to a minimum.

Mr. Pedrech: True, but these will be special conversations.

Student with a disproportionate affinity for the word “special”: SPECIAL? Oh Boy!

Mr. Pedrech: That’s right! These conversations will be evaluated. We will focus on metacognition.

Student who knows the curriculum inside out: Ah, I see. You are getting all “4.1” on us, aren’t you? Well played, sir; well played, indeed!

Mr. Pedrech: Your goal will be to explain to me which strategies are helping you make sense of your media text. You will also explain the connections between the terms you have found and the text you are examining.





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