ENG 3U: What’s Next?

Ladies and gents,

We start our novel studies next Monday. What to do until then? This strikes me as the perfect opportunity to really explore choice (as long as whatever we do wraps up by Thursday). Here is what I’m thinking:

  • Perhaps you want to turn your value message task into something more substantial. How about a pitch to the relevant company  in which you show them the errors of their ways and present a new ad? You’d have to make the ad, of course. Remember, too, to identify the company’s identity (their voice, perhaps?); does it mesh with your new ad?
  • Feeling creative? Write a short story. You’ll have to (more or less) follow the conventions  of a genre, and demonstrate your understanding of the form.
  • Feeling analytical? You could write an essay further examining the value message(s) our class examined last week. This includes anything that your peers introduced to you.
  • Perhaps you’d like to investigate voice. How about a writing an article in which you examine the voice of your favourite recording artist? Remember that “voice” here means the distinctive way in which an artist communicates his/her stories. I will try to write an example for you tonight.

Would you like to propose something? Let’s hear it.


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