ENG 4U: Prep for Literature Circles

Ladies and Gents,

We don’t have class tomorrow. Sad. This means that we need to change our schedules. Originally, we were going to start our conferences tomorrow; now, we will move them to Friday or today, based on readiness. If you still need more time, don’t worry; Friday will work.

Since we have spent roughly a week trying to improve our communication, I feel that we are finally prepared to tackle our Wall of Fallacies. I will distribute a definition and a student-written description to each pod. Work with your team to evaluate the student descriptions; consider the following:

  • are the descriptions/examples accurate?
  • are the sentences effectively constructed?
  • are any other changes necessary?

If your group believes that changes are necessary, please consult with me.  Once you have made you case, I will ask you to make those changes.

Next, we need to prepare for our literature circles. Let’s begin by considering the following questions about your experiences in previous literature circles:

  • in what ways have they been effective?
  • in what ways have they been ineffective?
  • how can we address these problems?

Next let’s watch a college/university tutorial about a piece of literature. We will use the rubric below to evaluate the entire group’s contributions:

Untitled picture





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