Very early Alpha of Africville

If you have a sec, check out the SUPER early alpha version of an educational game I’m working on about Africville. The premise: in the future, all historical work is done by sending historians back in time; they can collect primary sources, etc., but they cannot be detected by anyone/anything in the time they visit. They player has been sent back to Africville, a town that has been wiped from the historical record. The player’s goal is to discover what happened to Africville.
A few things:
  • -move by clicking on the quarter circles in the bottom right corner
  • you’ll notice that the character “switches” depending on the button you press. The guy in the brown suit is from a game I made a few years ago; the character in the space-y suit is my first attempt at the character for this game. I think I want the character’s gender/appearance to be unknown.
  • the ground textures aren’t quite right, but I’m getting there.
Anway, take a look…

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