CHW 3M: Crossroads

Photo by Mitya Ilyinov.

So, ladies and gents, we are at a crossroads. We are essentially finished with Rome, and we need to decide what we will study next. While we have lots of choices–and remember that you don’t all have to study the same thing–we will need some focus, some guiding principle that will unify our work.

Thus, I propose the following summative task for Rome:

  • You identify key moments/figures/forces during the rise, golden age, and fall of Rome. You will need to be quite specific, of course…perhaps three for each era, meaning a total of nine moments/figures/forces?
  • From these, you will create a series of general statements or questions that will guide your research for the next unit. For example, one of your questions might be “What role does the military play in the rise/fall of a culture?” These statements/questions will help you structure your learning in the next unit because you will have something to investigate.

As for the format, what do you think of the following?

  • a conversation, much like the Egypt tutorial?
  • an infographic?
  • a written piece?

Remember, too, that you still need to conference with me to explain your contribution to the Amazing Chain of Contraptions.


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