CHW 3M: Amazing Chain/Feats of Engineering

Next week, we launch our bit in the Amazing Chain of Contraptions. We have several tools at our disposal:

  • the physical universe and its applicable laws
  • MinecraftEdu (not quite as powerful as the universe, but progammable/customizable, so…)
  • Microbits
  • Your brains, Fezzik’s strength, my steel. (sorry…Princess Bride reference)

Today, everyone needs to find a major feat of engineering/technological innovation from the past that interests them. You will eventually build/create something that demonstrates your learning. Remember that you are not obligated to build a replica of  a building from the past; besides being time-consuming, this kind of work does not require as much thinking as the application of the building’s engineering principles in a new setting.

Think of it this way:

  • you will become an expert about one engineering feat of the past (you will need to know your sources, too; sound authoritative!)
  • you will work the principles of this feat into our section of the Great Chain of Contraptions

Engineering an Empire on Learn 360 is a great place to start….


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