CHW 3M: One City to Rule Them All

So, yesterday you found out everything you could about your city/state (either Athens or Sparta). You should be proud of everything your city has accomplished; lesser cities envy (and fear) your power.

Unfortunately, there is one city that won’t give yours its due. Don’t know which one? I’ll give you a hint: its representatives are sitting in the same room as you. (Note: now would be a good time to glare at them menacingly).

Today, however, you have a chance to earn their respect. You will engage in a short debate in which you explain why your way of life is superior to theirs. Here is how we will proceed:

  • each member of your city/state should become an expert in one aspect of life in your community (see your notes from yesterday)
  • each member will create a few declamatory statements based on their expertise that they can use in the debate. For example, a student from Sparta might write something like “Well, clearly Sparta is better because…”
  • when you are ready, the debate will begin. Have at it!
  • at the debate’s conclusion, you will be asked to evaluate the most effective statements from either side and add them to your notes

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