CHW 3M: Why Do Empires Fall?

Ladies and gents,

Former President Barack Obama walking with Zahi Hawass because, well, who wouldn’t want to walk with Dr. Hawass? Public Domain image from the Whitehouse photostream.

Today, we conclude our study of Egypt. We need to understand how this empire that lasted for thousands of years came undone. Was it a single event? Was it slow? Who is to blame? Was it inevitable? Hopefully, we can answer these questions today.

Each of you will become an expert in one subtopic related to Egypt’s decline. Next, we will create a diagram that reflects our understanding of these events. Here are your choices:



This is a fan of Peter Weller at a Q & A. That, ladies and gents, is dedication. Photo by GabboT
  • What role did the Armana Period (Ahkenaten) play in Egypt’s fall?
  • What struggles did Seti face during his rule? (note: this clip stars Peter Weller, star of the first Robocop)
  • What does the rule of Ramesses the Great tell us about Egypt’s decline? (our friend Zawi Hawass appears in this clip)

Sheets: What role did the following play in the decline of Egypt?

  • The Sea People
  • The Priest Kings
  • The Libyans
  • The Persians






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