CHW 3M: Players of the New Kingdom

Today, you will  investigate one of three pharaohs of the New Kingdom: Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, or Ramses II. Your goal is to provide a sophisticated and detailed answer to the following question:

House Altar wih Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Three Daughters, detail with Akhenaten Holding Daughter by Steven Zucker, via Flickr

What does ___________  rule demonstrate about religion, power, and/or culture in ancient Egypt?

  • You will form small groups. Wait…you are already in small groups. See? You are already making progress.
  • You may use your textbook, my books at the back of the room, and your phones. Remember, too, that you are not limited to text-based sources.
  • You may ask me questions, but I will not answer you directly. In fact, there is a good chance that I will not speak to you at all. Instead, I will periodically post comments in this blog entry that may help (or hinder) your progress. Keep your eye on the big screen, ladies and gents…
  • Note that you will probably find some sources that I will, well, question. Be prepared to question your findings (and your sources) too.
  • Someone in your group must conduct a simple google search for the pharaoh you’ve agreed upon.

Comments On Your Work

I wonder: what problems did Tutankhamun inherit?

You know, if you break down the name Tutankhamun, you find the same word used to describe one part of the Egyptian soul. I find this interesting, especially since this wasn’t the pharaoh’s original name. I wonder: is this a response to his father’s actions?

A king at the age of 9? I wonder what we can infer about the nature of Egypt’s political structures from this.

What did Freud have to say about Akhenaten?

So, Ramses II’s reign was the second longest in Egyptian history. How might this connect to his legacy?

Ramses II fathered approximately 100 children. What does this tell us about Egyptian politics/culture?

Ramses II expanded Egypt’s borders. Did this expansion last?

Was Akhenaten Moses?!?!?!? Freud seems to think so.

Is Akhenaten the “father” of monotheism for the Jewish people?!?!

Why was the religion so easy to change if religion is inseparable from secular life?











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