CHW 3m; The Mystery of Hatshepsut

Creative Commons from Wikipedia, courtesy of Postdlf

Hatshepsut is one of the most intriguing figures in history. She built great temples, led a powerful empire, and circumvented centuries of tradition and belief with startling effectiveness. And yet, her own people worked diligently to wipe her from their collective memory. (Hint: if you “excavated” at Luxor, this story might sound a little familiar. Remember, however, that our archaeological dig was inspired by, not based on, historical events.)

Today and tomorrow, you will watch a video about this incredible woman. Your goal is to organize your notes around the guiding questions below. Point form will suffice, though you can certainly use other options like still images from the video. Whatever your choice, remember to include relevant evidence to support your claims.

  • What is Hatshepsut’s legacy?
  • Can a leader wiped from history by her own people really be considered great?
  • Are Hatshepsut’s tremendous accomplishments during her rule sufficient to prove her greatness?

On Friday, we will use your observations as the basis for a class discussion. Because our evaluation for this this unit will be a tutorial/class discussion, Friday’s activities will be an effective preparation.


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