CHW 3M: Ka, Ba, and the Akh

Today, I’d like you to learn more about Egyptian beliefs of the afterlife. The Egyptian concept of the soul is complicated; it had three components, each with its own role and duties.

The Weighing of the Heart, British Museum

As always, you can organize your ideas any way you wish. Given the complex nature of the Egyptian soul, I suggest creating a visual representation. A diagram with images might work well:

  • Since some of you are such gifted artists, you might want to use the whiteboards to create an infographic and take a picture for your notes.
  • In fact, if you and a few peers wish to turn one of our cork boards into  a massive diagram, I’m in.
  • Then again, if you wish to use a more traditional, note-taking approach, that works, too. Just keep in mind that you will need to find one reputable source on your own to supplement your work.

Let’s consider a few formats. When might these approaches be most appropriate? The first is  a template from freepik, and the second is an infographic from

Here are some potential sources:

  • Your textbook
  • This bit from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • This excerpt about the Egyptian Book of the Dead
  • This site from

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  1. thecleversheep says:

    Piktochart might come in handy for this task.

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