CHW 3M: What’s in a Game?

I’ve decided to present today’s lesson in script form. I hope you are ready…

Mr. Pedrech: Hi class!

Class: Hi Mr. Pedrech! (Please say with the same level of enthusiasm shown here)

Student not named Timmy: What are we doing today, Mr. Pedrech?

Mr. Pedrech: Glad you asked, Timmy.

Student not named Timmy: But my name’s not…

Mr. Pedrech: We don’t have time for small talk, Timmy. Let’s get to work. Or should I say…play?

Student who likes to play: Oh boy!!!

Mr. Pedrech: Today, you will play three games about life in ancient Egypt. As you play, think carefully about what you can learn about Egyptian culture from these games. After you finish a game, take five minutes to add 5 of these observations to your notes.

Student who likes to clarify instructions: So, let me get this straight. We will play three games. As we play, we should think carefully about what the game-play tells  us about life in Egypt. Finally, when we finish a game, we should add our observations to our notes.gaming

Mr. Pedrech: You’ve got it, Timmy.

Student who likes to clarify instructions: But, my name’s not Timmy either…

Mr: Pedrech: Okay. Let’s get started! Oh…a word about the last game, The Land of the Pharaohs. It was designed and built as part of a project in this very class in this very school. It even features motion capture of some of our grads!

Student who reacts strongly to everything: AWESOME!

Mr: Pedrech:…but it has a glitch in it that won’t let you get very far.

Student who reacts strongly to everything: DARN!

Mr. Pedrech: Oh…and one more thing. Before Tuesday, make sure you read pages 55-56; in your notes explain how geography shaped Egyptian civilization (make sure you include the Faiyum!)

The Pyramid Builder:

The Mummy Maker:

The Land of the Pharaohs:


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