CHW 3M: Something Big…

Anything vs Whatever by Foam, via Flickr

So, there is a new project we need to discuss. I’d like to explain the project in this blog entry but, unfortunately, I can’t. Too many eyes.

Wait. That’s not true. No one reads my blog.

Let’s start again.

There is a new project we need to discuss. Let me tell you what I can:

  • it will involve schools from across our board
  • we must build an amazing contraption
  • lots of people will be watching

Though you will have lots of freedom to decide what we will build, I’d like  our build(s) to be, well, historical. This is History class, right? Luckily, ancient history is filled with incredible feats of engineering that changed the way people lived. Let’s see what kind of inspiration we can pull from our ancestors.

Intimidated? Don’t be. After all, we’ve got almost everything we need. My classroom. Your brains. All we need is the right tools. Just ask these guys:


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    1. jimpedrech says:

      Correct on several levels, Rodd!

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