ENG 2D 2016: Evaluating an Exemplar

Yesterday, you generated some criteria for effective short stories or magazine articles. Today, you will put these criteria to use:

Choose a short story or an article that seems interesting. Remember that you will be working with this exemplar for at least one day, so you should choose something you find interesting

Use strategies of your choice, track the connections you see between the article/short story and the criteria. You might want to write point form notes, use a cluster diagram, or use post-it notes. Whatever your choice, you need to have something concrete to show me.

Show me?!?!  What??!?

Yes, you will need to show me your work. Your first evaluation in this course will be a short conversation with me. During this evaluated conversation (sometime late next week?) you will explain how your criteria are demonstrated by the short story/article you will write. Thus, your attempts to show me how the criteria are demonstrated in the work you read will prepare you for this.


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