ENG 2D 2016: What Do You Want to Write?

Anything vs Whatever by Foam, via Flickr

Today, we start the research process for our first pieces of writing. Remember that you can choose the form and style: a short story, a short graphic novella, a magazine-style article, or a piece of satire are just some of the options.

Why do you have so much choice? Well, consider these expectations from our curriculum: these are some of the skills we need to develop:

Variety of Texts 1.1 read a variety of student- and teacher-selected texts from diverse cultures and historical periods, identifying specific purposes for reading

Text Forms 2.1 identify a variety of characteristics of literary, informational, and graphic text forms and explain how they help communicate meaning

Generating and Developing Ideas 1.2 generate, expand, explore, and focus ideas for potential writing tasks, using a variety of strategies and print, electronic, and other resources, as appropriate

Identifying Topic, Purpose, and Audience 1.1 identify the topic, purpose, and audience for a variety of writing tasks

Form 2.1 write for different purposes and audiences using a variety of literary, graphic, and informational forms

We will use the following framework for today:

  • The gist in 5: using any resources available, do 5 minutes of preliminary research into the requirements of your chosen form. For this stage, wikipedia and similar sites are acceptable.
  • A quick debrief: the class will quickly discuss some of its findings.
  • More detail, please: conduct more specific research about your chosen form. Make sure you track your sources, because their quality will be questioned during the next stage.
  • Evalute and Share: Next, we will rearrange our groups according to chosen forms. As each member shares an idea, they will be required to share their source. You might start with something like “According to the New York Times…”
  • Common Understanding: Each group must come to a common understanding of this form of writing.

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