ENG 2D 2016: Flash Fiction

Ladies and gentlemen,

We will have to postpone our independent writing tasks for today. I feel like I need to be there to provide some guidance; thus, we will return to them tomorrow. For now, let’s experiment with flash fiction.

Though flash fiction has a few variations, we will work with the premise that the story can be no longer than 55 words. I know this can be a real challenge, but I know you can do it.

For this to work, we need to concentrate on the three classic elements of storytelling: plot, setting, and action. While you are free to make your own narratives, please consider using cards from the Storymatic card deck to facilitate your planning. One light orange card and one burnt orange card will help you create much of the narrative.

Plot: developing a plot in 55 words is difficult. At the very least, make sure you have some element of conflict; the conflict does not have to be resolved.

Setting: The story needs to take place somewhere. Give us context, but be brief.

Action: Someone (or something) needs to act. Given the word limitations, you need to keep the actions rather simple. As you write, think about the nature of the actions; sometimes subtle actions carry more weight.

The Twist: Something needs to happen in the last line or two that changes the tone or meaning of the story.

Here is an example. As you look at the example as a class, try to identify all of the elements listed above. What is really happening in this story?


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