Room 221(B): Minecraft Visualization of Romeo and Juliet

I’m starting a new project with my grade nines: a visualization of Romeo and Juliet.

Here is what I have so far…
-we will start in the Globe theatre. I was given this build by the amazing people at Minegage (see the first image)
-when it is finished, players will be able to travel from build to build…kind of like going through the play spatially/chronologically (instead of just the latter)
-we can easily embed lines from the play and analysis into student builds
-students can visualize this in numerous ways. For example, what if they use webs as “thought clouds” (and builds on top of those clouds) to indicate what the character is REALLY thinking? Subtext, right? See the incredibly simple image below for an example.
-we can share the finished world with others so they can use it as a learning tool

Anyway, this table contains some of the moments/scenes in the play that we might take a stab at (sorry about that one, Mercutio).

Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V
 Brawl 1 (i)

Nurse’s memories of Juliet and Susan (iii)

Mercutio’s Queen Mab (iv)

Romeo meets Juliet (v)

Balcony (ii)   Brawl 2 (i)

From marriage bed to a father’s rage (v)

Juliet’s fears about the tomb(iii)

Juliet’s “death” (v)

The tomb (iii)

Yep…a little excited about this one…



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