ENG 1D: the Great Line Challenge

Today, we will attempt the Great Line Challenge. While I hope you enjoy the playful competition, the real goal is to help you solidify your understanding of some key lines and plot points. I have assigned each group parts of the play. How this game will work:

I will give your group some time to find 10 great lines/pairs of lines in your section of the play. Everyone in the group must add these to their notes! Remember that you must be able to explain why these lines matter.

  • We will play the game tomorrow. When the game begins, you may quiz the team of your choice and read one of the lines you have selected to them; you must also tell them the scene in which the lines appears. The other team has 1 minute to find the line and explain its significance.
  • Teams that successfully identify and explain the line earn 1 point.
  • Teams that stump other teams earn one point.
  • While you can work together to formulate answers, teams get an extra point every time a different person responds.

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