ENG 1D: A Time for Death…


Ladies and gents, you probably noticed that I am not with you today. Good for you; your keen observational skills will serve you well in the future.  This also means that your test has been delayed yet again. I am sure that you are disappointed.

Today, you will read three scenes. The first two scenes feature our two young protagonists trying to arrange their marriage. Unfortunately, the third scene features death, which doesn’t make for much of a wedding present.

Act 2 Scene 5: This short scene features Juliet anxiously questioning the Nurse for news from Romeo.

Act 2 Scene 6: This scene? Even shorter. It occurs just before the wedding.

Act 3 Scene 1:This scene takes place in the streets. Notice how much it echoes the opening scene of the play. This time, however, the stakes are much higher. We don’t have servants trying to one-up each other in the streets; instead, this conflict involves nobles, which means the stakes are much higher.

After reading these scenes in your groups, dedicate the remaining time to preparing for your test. Use Chomp Chomp and similar sites to prepare. Remember that those of you whose tests feature new strategies (how to clarify sentences, correct spelling, etc), will need to provide specific and detailed explanations of the strategies you employ.



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