ENG 1D: Two Very Different Men

Ladies and gents,

  1. You will begin today by reading a modern version of Act II Scene iii independently. Remember, the modern text is on the right side of the page…
  2. Next, I’d like you to read Scene iv in the same small groups from yesterday’s press conference. Before you read, please note the following:
    • based on what we have seen so far, the only plot point that must be realized in this scene is the meeting between the Nurse and Romeo.
    • however, much of the scene focuses on Mercutio (and his opinion of Tybalt).  Shakespeare’s purpose, it seems, is to contrast these two young men; we will see why later in the play…
  3. Once you have read the scene together, I’d like you to dedicate no more than 10 minutes to identifying lines that tell you something about Mercutio and Tybalt. (Remember: Mercutio tells us about Tybalt, but you will have to infer Mercutio’s characteristics from what he says and how he says it)
  4. Next, I’d like you to work independently to create a simple table in your notes. In this table, list the characteristics of Mercutio and Tybalt based on your group’s discussion and your own observations.
  5. Finally, I’d like you to read Act II Scene v on your own. Again, notice that this play has moments of real comedy; watch how the Nurse incessantly complains about her aches and pains while Juliet pleads with her to share news of Romeo.

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