ENG 1D 2016: Teaching Each Other…

Writing via Flickr, by J. Paxon Reyes

Yesterday, we divided the class in half: one half of the class worked on their blogs, while the other half learned how to avoid three of the  most common grammatical errors:

  • comma splices
  • fused sentences
  • fragments

Today, the students who learned about grammar will become the teachers. We will divide the class in such a way that each table will feature at least two students who studied grammar yesterday, and at least two students who did not. Our grammar experts are responsible for teaching their peers about the following:

  • nouns
  • verbs
  • subject
  • object
  • main clause
  • subordinate clause
  • fragments
  • fused sentences
  • comma splices

A few notes that will make this process more rewarding:

  • the grammar newbies are responsible for keeping notes and asking questions. Be an active learner.
  • both the newbies and the experts are encouraged to use the variety of tools at your disposal. Forgot a definition? Check your notes. Need a clearer example? Use your phone or one of the computers.
  • In the second half of class, we will use Kahoot! to test your progress…

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