ENG 1D: Discussion Day

Ladies and gents,

Today is our first discussion day. Remember that your conversation, interaction, and collaboration are being evaluated; check the rubric provided yesterday to see the expectations you need to meet. Here is some advice that should help you:

  • each student in the group will read his/her complete work. After a student has read, provided feedback to his/her work. Be specific and clear.
  • do not wait until everyone has read to provide feedback. This approach will not work.
  • demonstrate active listening through your body language. Make eye contact, turn your body to the speaker, and keep your posture open
  • listen attentively so that you can make clear and specific comments once the speaker has finished sharing his/her work
  • ask questions that will stimulate discussion. Open-ended questions like “Why do you think the character responded that way?” work best.





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