ENG 1L/2L/3E: Collaboration through Minecraft

Today, we will attempt to collaborate through Minecraft. This will happen on two levels:

  • You will be paired with another student class. Students who are paired together are expected to help their partners use Minecraft effectively. When your partner asks you for help, make sure you demonstrate active listening: turn to your partner and give him/her your undivided attention
  • You and your partner will also work together in Minecraft. You will spend 10 minutes helping each other complete whatever task you partner wants. 

Following these steps, you will write a paragraph about you and your partner’s collaboration in Minecraft. In your paragraph, add the following:

A brief description of your partner (what does the Minecraft character look like?)

A detailed description of the project you and your partner completed.

  • What did you make?
  • How did you divide the labour?
  • What materials did you use?

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