CHY 4U: So, a Feminist, an Existentialist,and a Neo-Marxist are on this talkshow…

I’ve got a joke for you. Are you ready? Good.

So, a Feminist, an Existentialist, and a Neo-Marxist are on this talk show…

(insert something clever about how all three made  the post-war world so different from what preceded it).

Okay. So, clearly, I don’t really have a joke. What I do have, however, is a list of important ideologies and movements that shaped the second half of the twentieth century. These ideologies and movements WILL appear on a talk show that we will host later today. You will be paired with a partner; the two of you must work together to prove that your ideology/movement is the most socially/culturally significant. The ideologies and movements are:

  • The Welfare State (506)
  • Existentialism (509)
  • Neo-Marxism (508)
  • Feminist Movement (508-509)
  • Youth in Revolt (510-511)
  • Human Rights Movement (511-512)
  • Let the Good Times Role (514, and yes, I know it is not a movement)
  • Television and the Cold War (516)
  • Environmentalism (518)

Guiding questions that you should be prepared to answer:

  • What is brief explanation of your ideology/movement?
  • Who are the big players in your ideology/movement?
  • How does your movement reflect the world?
  • How has your movement shaped the world culturally/socially?









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