CHY 4U: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Remember the video we watched yesterday? The one about changing paradigms in education?  I can’t really follow that video with a lesson that is driven exclusively through a factory model, can I? On the other hand, we have a test next week, and I want you to feel prepared for it. Tests, as we know, are products of the factory model; everyone needs to know the same thing, right?


Here is what I offer you today. We know that your test will have 7 questions, and that you will answer 5. We also know that every response will be one fully-developed paragraph. Well, what if one of the 7 questions was one that you wrote? Not you in the collective sense, but you individually. That’s right: each of you gets to write one question of your own that you will add to your individual test.

At the same time, however, I want you to learn something new. So, here’s how things will work: you will choose a topic from World War II, conduct some research today, and write your own question. Things to remember:

  • choose something that you are interested in
  • do not choose something you already know
  • make your question one worth answering (you might want to run your question by me)
  • choose your source carefully. In fact, I expect to see your source mentioned in your response

Here are some podcasts that you might want to use as the basis for your question and your response. Each podcast is approximately 40 minutes long, with about 20 minutes dedicated to each topic. Thus, listening to the appropriate section will leave you with 50 minutes to prepare your response.

























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