ENG 1D: a Day of Innovation

Our schedule will somewhat busy today; let’s see you at your best, ladies and gentlemen.

For the first 25 minutes or so, we will create a project called a Sway. We are doing this for several reasons:

  1. we want to give Ms. Zammit an opportunity to show off these fancy labs to our visitors
  2. we need to show your visitors what you can do
  3. we need to tackle an important question: what should the ideal classroom look like?
  4. By the way, this link might give you some ideas where to start for furniture

Once we have demonstrated the SOLE lab for Ms. Zammit, we will switch to MinecraftEDU. Remember our goal: to demonstrate the power of Minecraft as a learning tool.

Finally, you will have some time to work on one of two things:

  1. finishing your second blog entry
  2. improving on your work from either blog entry or the grammar test

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