ENG 1D: Juxtaposition

Today, you will watch Act III, scenes ii to iv. Here is a brief breakdown of what you will see:

  • In scene ii, Juliet will learn of Tylbalt’s murder (at Romeo’s hand!)
  • In scene iii, Romeo (who is staying with Friar Lawrence) will be visited by the Nurse.  Before her visit, however, he will learn that he has been banished (which, you must admit, is better than receiving a death sentence).
  • In scene iv, Capulet will arrange Juliet’s wedding with Paris (which, as you can imagine, will eventually come as quite a shock to Juliet)

After you are finished watching, I want you to track all the examples of juxtapositions you can find in these scenes. A juxtaposition is the deliberate placing of two things that are in sharp contrast; so, for example, Juliet’s claim that Romeo is a “fiend angelical” is a juxtaposition because fiend implies something hellish, while angelical implies something heavenly.

Things to look for:

  • the sun and the moon
  • Juliet’s descriptions of Romeo
  • Romeo’s thoughts about being banished

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