ENG 1D: Director for a Day

Congratulations! You and your group members recently directed the latest film version of Romeo and Juliet. Be proud: your unconventional interpretation of Shakespeare’s work has earned you nominations in several categories, including “Best Screen Adaptation of a Shakespearean Play Directed by Students in the Greater Strathroy Area.” Nice.

Such accolades, however, come with responsibilities. Today, you start the press junket, a seemingly endless series of interviews with newspapers and news agencies across Middlesex County. The first interviewers are particularly interested in your rendition of Act II Scene ii, the famous balcony scene. Thus, you need to spend the next 35 minutes or so preparing for their questions.

The format:

  • 2-3 people in your group will play the role of the press, while the remaining students play the role of the director and the lead actors
  • This is a scripted press interview, meaning that your group will prepare the questions AND the answers in advance.

Considerations/Possible Questions:

  • Blocking is the act of arranging the actions in a scene. How did the director and the actors arrive at the specific movements that made it into the production?
  • What advice did the director give the actors playing Romeo and Juliet? How did the director want the audience to respond to them?
  • Shakespeare’s work doesn’t provide any stage direction for the actors. How did the actors decide upon the delivery featured in the production?

Note: I shamelessly stole this idea from a colleague.


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