ENG 1D: New Version of Romeo and Juliet Found!

Ladies and gents, I made a thrilling discovery yesterday. It seems that our beloved William Shakespeare actually wrote a second version of Romeo and Juliet. This version is particularly exciting for fans of theater because of its unusual format. It seems that Shakespeare wrote this version entirely in modern, conversational English. In fact, the tone is so conversational that it seems a little like, well, texting. Strange, huh? Odder still, Shakespeare included a number of images that look suspiciously like emojis.

So, basically, Shakespeare wrote the greatest works of the English language AND invented texting. Impressive. Let’s take a look together, shall we?

Once we have read this version, we will return to the original. We will examine Act I scenes ii-iii together


Finally, we will attempt to read Act I scene iv. Strangely, this scene is missing from the new, texting-like version of the play; we should probably help Shakespeare by rewriting this scene for him as if the characters are texting to each other.

(I should warn you that scene iv features a few unusual references to Queen Mab; we should probably watch part of the scene to help you understand its meaning.)


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